T’s & C’s

T's and C's

T’s & C’s

Our T’s & C’s section is our contract between us and you the customer.


When booking our services, you automatically agree to all T’s & C’s set out below.

* You can cancel any of our services you have booked, at any time.

* Any deposits taken will not be refunded if your event is cancelled through any other fault other than ours. (In the event we need to cancel on you, your deposit is refundable)

* An alternative replacement will be put in place if for any reason any of the equipment or services are not available after you have booked our service or services. Your event will be cancelled with immediate effect if any of our staff feel threatened before or during an event. Abusive behaviour and language will not be tolerated and we will be entitled to the full amount. 

* We will occasionally require an internet connection to stream songs and karaoke tracks, please let us know in advance if this will be an issue. Usually, we can hotspot from our mobile devices, but this is not always possible due to poor signal.

* If for any reason we are not able to stick to our end of the agreement and need to cancel on you, there will be no charge and any deposit will be refunded.

* Any damages to the Numbers will be charged at their full replacement value, details of which are available on request. No substitute item will be accepted by the Owner.

The Sweet Cart must remain in situ and not be moved by the Venue or guests to minimise the risk of damage.

The agreed pick-up and drop-off times cannot be amended unless you have given 48 hours’ notice to us in writing (by email or text).

Do not place drinks on the Sweet Cart, as they may stain and could be charged for its repair.

You will be provided with Jars; Tongs; Scoops and bags. You will be charged for any missing Jars; Tongs or Scoops.

Should you choose to purchase your sweets for the Sweet Cart from our recommended supplier Sweet Shoppie, we would like to remind you that you are not obligated to do so. You can use your own sweets or suppliers if you wish to do so.