Wedding Photographers Have a Sixth Sense

Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographers seem to know if a couple will end up divorced, and they have a sixth sence if anybody will dance later in the evening.

You can blame the bride and groom for not being on the dance floor themselves. `you should lead by example. If you’re busting some moves, your guests will follow suit. Not dancing yourself is the main reason your dance floor won’t be popping off, so make sure you set the tone.

Some other reasons people won’t dance is if the lights are on, or kids on the dance floor running around usually kills it. Wedding Photographers know their stuff.

The cake cutting is the biggest sign of whether a couple will last. Some people like to jokingly smear the cake everywhere, and some people don’t. But usually the couple is in sync about this. Whenever I’ve seen one of them force cake all over the other’s face, the marriage has ended in divorce.

Another red flag is when the vows are very fluffy or almost selfish. Like how you’d imagine an 11-year-old talking about their Prince Charming.

And another is When one is constantly apologizing for the other’s behavior or attitude.

When there’s not enough input from one of them, or too much input from family members.

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